About Us

INVOLVEMENT, CHANGE and RESPONSIBILITY are key to the survival of our young people and our communities.


The Black Alumni Chapter was formed in 1998 to address this challenge by becoming involved in the lives of YSU African-American students. Through activies, programs and advocacy, we hope to enhance and facilitate the collegiate experience of current and future YSU African-American students. We hope our involvement will have a positive impact on the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of students. But we can’t look to others to do this for us, we must assume responsibility for our young people, community, and destiny.


Through membership in the YSU Alumni Society’s Black Alumni Chapter, you have the opportunity to show your support for present and future YSU African-American students and the greater Warren-Youngstown metropolitan community. You can be part of a growing group of concerned alumni and friends who hope to make a positive difference in the recruitment, retention and graduation of Black students; to foster the empowerment of parents to become advocates for their children; to serve as positive role models for our young people. Your involvement will also assist the Chapter in developing and tapping into existing programs that will empower our community at large.


Your support enables the Black Alumni Chapter to sponsor many Chapter events/programs. If you would like to help in our mission as a graduate of YSU or a friend (community member) of the Black Alumni Chapter, please join the Chapter.